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About Southern Touch

Southern Touch (ST) is a not-for-profit community sporting association (Touch Football), providing people within southern Tasmania the opportunity to play and be involved with the great game of Touch Football.

The Association consists of a mix of both domestic club teams and individual (non-aligned) teams. Matches are played throughout the week in men's, women's and mixed competitions across multiple divisions in both summer and winter seasons. With over 200 teams competing, the domestic program continues to grow and improve. Involvement outside of playing is also available through a well- developed Referee Program, whereby individuals can still be part of a team whilst being afforded extra support through mentoring, coaching and further developmental opportunities.

Southern Touch has also established a strong representative program, fielding teams across 5 separate age divisions in Touch Football Tasmania’s annual State Cup Tournament, with many members going on to represent Tasmania at similar National Tournaments (Touch Football Australia’s NYC, NTL and School Sport Australia events) in both official and playing capacities. ST’s representative program
has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with more and more members competing at the sports highest levels.

Southern Touch is an inclusive, community-focused and family-oriented Association, constantly striving to provide great opportunities for all members to better their overall Touch experience. Providing an introduction to Touch Football for the youngest through Sporting Schools and ad-hoc programs, ST has provided a clear pathway for all juniors looking to play.

Welcome to Southern Touch!

We're a Good Sports Club!

Southern Touch are part of the Good Sports Program. As an accredited Good Sports Club we acknowledge our role in promoting healthy habits.

"Good Sports clubs create a safe, respectful and positive environment where players, officials, members and families can thrive.  Whether your club has hundreds of players or ten, has a bar or is alcohol-free, is in the big city or rural - Good Sports is a good fit. Sporting clubs that role-model healthy behaviours are leaders in their community, playing an important role to prevent and reduce harms from alcohol and other drugs." - Good Sports Website.


For more informaiton on what it means to be a Good Sports Club, follow the link below.

Promoting Inclusive Sport

Southern Touch are proud members of the ACON Welcome Here Project.

"The Welcome Here Project has been created to focus on supporting local business owners and services in Australia to create and promote environments that are visibly welcoming and inclusive of LGBTIQ people." - Welcome Here Project.


We understand that inclusivity and diversity are essential in promoting sport for all, that's why we're working hard to impove our members experiences at Southern Touch. If you are unsure of which competition to enter, or feel we could do more to promote a more inclusive experience, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].