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Junior Club Competition - Summer 2023/24

Season Starts November 9th 2023

Registrations close, October 30th


10 Rounds + 1 week of Finals    |   Games played Thursday nights  |   Wentworth Park, Howrah


10's = $600 per team

12's, 14's and 16's = $650 per team

Round 1: 9th of November

Round 2: 16th Nov

Round 3: 23rd Nov

Round 4: 30th Nov

Round 5: 7th Dec

Round 6: 14th Dec

Round 7: 1st Feb

Round 8: 8th Feb

Round 9: 15th Feb

Round 10: 22nd Feb

Preliminary Finals: 29th Feb

Grand Finals: Saturday March 2nd

Competition Notes

Boys & Girls Competitions, Mixed teams will be permitted to register into Boys Competitions.

Round Matches will be played on Thursdays - Finals will take place late February 2024.

All teams must be registered by a Delegate who is 18 years of age or older and will be responsible for the management of the team.

All players must be registered through the online system prior to participating in any match.

All teams must have a person in attendance at all matches who is older than the team and responsible for the conduct of the team during matches, said person could be a coach, parent or other and may be separate to the Delegate.

Southern Touch will supply suitably qualified Referees (match officials) for all divisions.

All Divisions will be played/ruled in accordance with the NRL Touch Football 8th Edition Rules, with the exception of 10s Divisions which will be subject to ***Modified Mules***

A Division must have a minimum of four (4) teams to be deemed viable.  Should any Division have less than four (4) teams nominate, Southern Touch may consider to amalgamate Divisions should it deem suitable, however, will converse with Team Delegates before reaching any decision.

DIVISIONS (Age Requirements):

Boys & Girls 10s - Born in or after 2014

Boys & Girls 12s - Born in or after 2012

Boys & Girls 14s - Born in or after 2010

Boys & Girls 16s - Born in or after 2008


***Modified Rules***

Boys & Girls 10s will be play across half a field using a junior sized ball with only 5 players on the field at any one time.

Coaches will be permitted to take the field behind their team line to provide instruction for all divisions.

Are you keen to play but don't have a team?

We suggest making contact with a Club.

This way they can help allocate you to a team based on your age and experience!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any minimum age requirements?

Whilst there are no minimum age requirements for our Junior Competitions Southern Touch Competitions start from Grades 3/4 and parents should consider whether participation of children younger than this could hamper their development.

How many players per team?

Whilst only 6 players are permitted to take the field at any one time (Grade 3/4s only 5), we suggest you’d want roughly 10-12 players in total. Substitutions are limitless and quite often there’s someone who can’t make it along.

When will I be playing?

Typically, all Junior Competition matches are played between 4pm and 6pm.

How will I know what time I play?

Once team registrations close a fixture will be formulated and posted on the website under the ‘Fixtures/Results’ tab so you can check what time you play each week.

How much will it cost me to play?

Whether it be Junior or Senior Competitions, Southern Touch charge per team. An approximate calculation would be to divide the team cost by 10 (players) which will give you an idea of individual cost.  Team costs vary between competitions.

Who supplies the playing uniform?

It is the responsibility of teams to arrange their own playing uniforms. For Junior Competitions Southern Touch recommend for all players to be in matching tops, (i.e. school sports tops, club supplied tops, etc.).  It is not a requirement for Junior Competitions that playing tops are numbered.

Southern Touch may be able to assist you in purchasing uniforms through one of their suppliers/sponsors, please direct enquiries through [email protected].