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PLAY Touch Footy!!

Below is a brief summary of what Southern Touch offer, with answers to some of our more frequently asked questions. If you're keen for more info, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].


WHO CAN PLAY?: We have members of all ages, skills and experience. Our Junior competition starts at under 10's and our Senior competition has players over 60 years old.

WHAT IS TOUCH?: If you're not familiar with touch footy, check out this link for a short video and a breakdown of the rules! It's pretty much rugby without all the contact.

WHEN ARE THE SEASONS?: We hold both SUMMER and WINTER competitions. Senior seasons run for 16 regular season rounds + Finals & the Junior Summer season runs for 10 rounds plus finals. More info for each competition can be found at the links below.

WHERE IS TOUCH PLAYED?: All games are played at Wentworth Park Sports Complex 165A Clarence Street, Howrah. Senior games run at 6:10pm, 7:10pm and 8:10pm, Monday through Thursday nights. Junior competitions run on thursday nights from around 4pm-6pm.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO PLAY?: Fee structures can be found on specific competition pages under the "Play" heading. Touch footy is one of the cheapests sports to play. It can cost less than$10 a game, and can be even cheaper if you play across both seasons, or in multiple teams!!!

Sounds great, SIGN ME UP!

At Southern Touch, we have a mix of social teams alongside club teams. You can enter a team with your mates, or you can join a club and they can pop you into one of their teams!

I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START. HELP!: If you're looking to join our touch footy comps but don't know where to start, we suggest you "contact our Staff". Include a bit of info about any previous playing experince, what nights you might be available to play, and what level you are looking to play. We can contact teams looking for players and slot you into a team.

MY KID WANTS TO PLAY: For Juniors, we suggest heading straight o the club page and making direct contact with clubs. They have a better idea of what players they need for the season and can find you the most suitable team to join.

ALRIGHT. I KNOW WHAT COMP I WANT TO PLAY, I JUST NEED TO FIND A TEAM: Contacting clubs directly will be the fastest approach. Head over to our "FIND A CLUB" page for key contacts and social media links. If you're unsure which club might be best for you, our staff are always happy to have a chat and answer questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I've never played Touch Football before, do you cater for beginners?

Absolutely, at Southern Touch we cater for everyone!! Simply register your interest via our registration page and select 'Join a Player Pool’. This way you can register as an individual and we can place you in a team looking for players.

I want to start a team but need more players, what can I do?

Simply e-mail us via [email protected] stating how many players you have, how many extra you desire and which competition/s you’re interested in. Southern Touch receive a multitude of individual enquiries and will do our best to match people up with teams.

Is there any minimum age requirements?

Whilst there are no minimum age requirements for our Junior Competitions, to be eligible to participate in our Senior Competitions players must be turning 13 by the 1st January in the following calendar year.

How many players per team?

Whilst only 6 players are permitted to take the field at any one time, we suggest you’d want roughly 10-12 players in total. Substitutions are limitless and quite often there’s someone who can’t make it along.