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Schools Competition - Summer 2022

Starts week of October 24th, Ends week of November 28th

Monday: year 7/8    |    Wednesday: year 9/10

Boys and Girls competitions

6 Rounds

Wentworth Park Sports Complex
165A Clarence Street, Howrah

$340 per team

Download the Southern Touch Competition Standards


5PM 16th of October

Competition Notes

Southern Touch run Boys and Girls Schools competitions. There are 6 rounds (5 Rounds + 1 Play-Off Finals). Round Matches will be played Monday for years 7/8, and Wednesday for years 9/10. Game times are 4:15pm and 5:05pm, with 2 x 20minute halves.

All teams must be registered by a Delegate who is 18 years of age or older and will be responsible for the management of the team. All players must be registered through the online system prior to participating in any match.

All teams must have a person in attendance at all matches who is older than the team and responsible for the conduct of the team during matches, said person could be a coach, parent or other and may be separate to the Delegate. All Divisions will be played/ruled in accordance with the NRL Touch Football 8th Edition Rules.


Southern Touch will supply suitably qualified Referees (match officials) for all divisions.

Registration Information

When registering a team, please note next to the team name which year level/s the students are within that team. e.g. If you wish to enter a team with all year 7 students, please note 'year 7' in the team name. If you are unable to form a team solely with players from a single year level, please note in the team name e.g. 'year 7/8'. (There can not however be a combination of players from years 7/9, 7/10, 8/9, or 9/10)

Depending on the volume of team registrations, Southern Touch reserves the right to combine divisions. (This may involve an all year 7s team playing against an all year 8s team or a 7/8s team)