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All Ages - Summer 23/24

SOUTHERN TOUCH LEAGUE COMPETITIONS Summer 2023/24 Starts the week of the 9th of October. There are 16 regular season rounds + Finals. All games are played at Wentworth Park Sports Complex 165A Clarence Street, Howrah.

Fees are $1350 PER TEAM (this includes a $200 deposit due upon registering a team. Teams will be required to pay the deposit directly to Southern Touch before being included in fixtures).

If teams have any issues paying the deposit please email: [email protected] for assistance.

(* STL = Southern Touch League. STL is a designed to be a slightly more competitive competition than the social mixed, however, we still cater to all levels of experience/skill)

TEAM REGISTRATIONS CLOSE 5PM Monday 25th of September


For information specific to each competition, click on the links below!


All players MUST be registered before taking to the field in any match (ideally before Round 1) to ensure all eligibility and insurance requirements are met.

Teams who field unregistered players may have their match result forfeited and run the risk of expulsion from the competition.


We are currently in the process of updating our competiton standards.

Any changes to our standards will be made prior to the commencement of the 23/24 summer season.

If you have concerns or queries about eligibiltiy or need for dispensation, please contact us directly at [email protected].